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Highlights from the MILE event in Brussels “Bridging the democracy gap”

How can we make political participation more inclusive and accessible? Last September 28 – jointly with UNITEE and New Women Connectors, and in collaboration with the European Parliament – INTEGRIM Lab engaged with civil society representatives and policymakers to explore how to foster civic engagement and political participation, especially by… Read More »Highlights from the MILE event in Brussels “Bridging the democracy gap”

MILE Policy Brief

Political participation and inclusion of migrants in European societies start at the local level. Municipal administrations and civil society organizations, including those led by migrants themselves, can play a key role in this process. But how can we make the most out of it and ensure it benefits local communities… Read More »MILE Policy Brief

Our results in brief

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The INTEGRIM programme has made an innovative contribution to academic knowledge on the concept of integration as a key factor for the future cohesion of European societies through a vast academic production with more than 40 scientific articles (25 peer reviewed, 14 of them indexed and 5 ISIs), two collective… Read More »Our results in brief

Our outputs on CORDIS

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INTEGRIM´s contribution to understanding migration and integration management has been published in CORDIS. The article, written in collaboration with Prof. Eduardo Ruiz Vieytez, scientist in charge of the INTEGRIM project, acknowledges the work developed by the ESRs recruited within the INTEGRIM project and how it has enhanced Europe’s academic research capacity.… Read More »Our outputs on CORDIS

WORKSHOP: “Research puzzles and competing approaches to studying Roma migration.”

The second Annual Conference of the INTEGRIM Network took place on December 9-12, 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. The host and overall organizer of the series events within the Annual Conference was the Center for Policy Studies, Central European University, Beneficiary 7 of the INTEGRIM project consortium. In the framework of… Read More »WORKSHOP: “Research puzzles and competing approaches to studying Roma migration.”