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Errant imaginaries: weaving utopias

Why are our daydreams important? Because what we crave, what we long for, can reveal what is truly essential. The pandemic has shed light on the urgent need to change our current systems – economic, political, social and affective. Radical imagination is what we need to envision a change in our society, and then to begin to take action.

collective diary of imagination

At the end of March 2020, we – a group of women who call themselves Mujeres errantes – started an online collective diary. Born in different parts of Europe and Latin America, they call many different places in Europe home. Their collective diary of imagination has become a place to share feelings and desires. The diary has since developed into an ongoing initiative that unites the diary with a collective inquiry into existing inspiring models and practices of change using the power of sharing feelings and creativity.

The documentary is a small showcase of an ongoing process that engages with collective practices and creates a network that sees emotions and genuine connections as fuel to political imagination and collective action.

Their dream is weaving a network of virtual and physical spaces – they call them ‘casas errantes’ – where errant women’s knowledge can be shared and valued as key changemakers towards a better life for our societies and our planet. Contact them if you wish to share and reflect on collective practices of care and creativity!

The documentary was realised with the support of the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity as part of Kitti Baracsi’s fellowship project.