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Online Papers

ISSUE 2014

Online Paper 1/2014   Buhr Spatial Integration of Migrants

Online Paper 2/2014   Lace Political Duality of Dual citizenship.

Online Paper 3/2014   Damery Going home Migrants imagined connections

Online Paper 4/2014   Schweitzer the making and unmaking of irregular migration

Online Paper 5/2014   Gnes Migration Citizenship and the city

Online Paper 6/2014   Desille Integration and exclusion logics for immigrant policies

Online Paper 7/2014   Magazzini in varietate concordia

Online Paper 8/2014   Macarie half in half out


ISSUE 2015

Online Paper 1/2015   PAHUD legal and political framework

Online Paper 2/2015   MEDDA integration of new and old minirities

Online Paper 3/2015   DESILLE Human Agency in Immigrant integration policies

Online Paper 4/2015   BUHR Becoming local migrant spatial integration

Online Paper 5/2015   LACE dual citizenship as a tool

Online Paper 6/2015   DAMERY finding the way home

Online Paper 7/2015   GNES organizational legitimacy

Online Paper 8/2015   CANTAT contesting europeanism

Online Paper 9/2015   TURCULET inmigration and democratic states borders

Online Paper 10/2015  PIEMONTESE leaving Roma behind

Online Paper 11/2015  SAMUK temporary integration-2

ISSUE 2016

Online Paper 1/2016   ODASSO A Plea for Mixity

Online Paper 2/2016   SPEKTOROWSKI Antisemitism and Islamophobia

Online Paper 4/2016   CADINOT Seeking to avoid radicalization

Online Paper 5/2016   GÓMEZ URQUIJO-EU New targets, indicators and tools to address poverty


Please note that these are only the working papers for the Conference. Do not quote without the permission from the authors.

Eva Brems

Michael Jones Correa

Thomas Maloutas

Roberta Ricucci

Kitti Baracsi

Karolina Nikielska

Georgiana Turculet

Michael Nicholson

Bjarney Fridriskdóttir

Cezar Macarie

Maria Grazia Montella

Franz Buhr