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Work Package 4: Urban Integration, Residential Patterns and Mobility


Monday, 30th September 2013

IGOT. University of Lisbon.

In the framework of the 7FP Training Network “Integration and international migration: pathways and integration policies”, the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon is pleased to announce the first scientific thematic workshop organized by the working group on “Urban Integration, Residential Patterns and Mobility”.

The working group aims to explore three sets of issues: housing policies and social cohesion; urban and ethnic segregation; and social integration policies and equitable cities.

The first workshop will focus on the first theme, housing policies and social cohesion, and will debate the following issues: the evolution and effectiveness of housing policies for immigrant communities, focusing on Portugal as a case study; urban regeneration and social housing; access to housing; the impact of the economic crisis on housing choices and opportunities; the relationship between socio-economic marginalisation and the residential patterns of migrants; social mix; and creating cohesion between long-established immigrant groups and new migrants. The INTEGRIM Early Stage Researchers and other students will also present their dissertation project.

The workshop will be a one-day seminar with three sessions. The morning session will include presentations by Debbie Phillips (University of Oxford); Lucinda Fonseca, Jorge Malheiros, Jennifer McGarrigle & Eduardo Ascençaõ (University of Lisbon). The afternoon session will include presentations and discussions on the PhD students’ projects and a round table discussion drawing on perspectives from academia, policy and associations.